Nordic skiing & snowshoeing

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2019-2020 programme

The Club organises Nordic (cross-country) ski and snowshoeing outings, led by volunteer leaders, on tracks as well as off-track, Saturday and/or Sundays from December until Easter. Check the calendar.

Information about each outing listed in the calendar is available by clicking on the hyperlinked destination names (they will become gradually available over the next months). Registration is normally by email directly with the outing leader. If you are signed up to the weekly newsletter, you will receive information about what’s going on this weekend. If available, some outing leaders may show up at the Permanence on Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m, at the restaurant of the Varembé swimming pool.

Registration fees

CHF 5 for SCIG members. CHF 15 for non-members. You can become a member online ahead of the outing or during the outing with the outing leader. Any additional costs, like carpooling, will be stated in each outing flyer.